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What to Wear to Your Family Shoot?

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

1. Plan out your outfits in advance.

Take time to coordinate colours and style for the whole family. Choose a colour theme and plan your outfits around it.

Simple plain clothes work best. Avoid bold logos, big stripes and busy patterns. We would want you to catch eyes first in the photo not your clothes.

Try to stay away from tops with colours too strong and bold, which may cast colours on your face. Earthy tones, neutral and subtle colours often work best. However, avoid too much white. A touch of colour would look lovely.

2. What should babies and children wear?

Pretty colourful dress, leggings, tutus and dresses are good options. Subtle patterns are perfect with a touch of colour.

Denim is always an easy and perfect option for leggings or jeans.

You could also add a little accessories, pretty headbands, little hair clips or cute hats or beanies (but make sure they do not cover your children’s face or eyes).

3. What should adults wear?

Choose well shaped strapless bra, or cover up tank tops and strap tops that may reveal any underwear. Tops with sleeves are more slimming.

Denim or jeans with T-shirts or shirts is often a good choice for Dads.

4. Hair and makeup

Avoid haircuts for up to two weeks before your session. New haircut often looks unnatural.

Don’t apply sun block before the session. It will make your face look too shiny.

Apply light makeup if you wish. Check your eyeliner and mascara before the session.

Check for clean faces. Make sure there’s no smudges or food stains on those little faces.

Whatever hair style you give your children, make sure no hair blocks their eyes.

Bring your smiles and enjoy!

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