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When is the last time you printed any photos?

We take so many photos/videos with our phone, but most of them stay in our phone or on a drive somewhere. Sitting down with our family and sharing those special memories over a photo album seems to be a very old fashioned thing to do, but I DO so much enjoy laughing over old photos with my loved ones! I print out hundreds of photos each year to add to my humongous photo albums each year, and yet I'm still afraid that I might have missed some special little moments in our lives!

I understand everyone is different, but as a photographer who strongly believe that prints hold special values, I try to include prints whenever I can in the collections I offer.

Here is a simple guide to the prints I offer.

Matted Prints

These prints come with superb quality ivory slip-in mats, all ready for framing and display. There is an opening on the short side of the mat where you can slip your prints in. Prints all have a small white border so that they can sit in the mats more securely, unless you request otherwise.

Below is a guide for framing size.

Plain Prints

These plain prints have no mats, no border. They are all in popular sizes, perfect for desk top free standing displays or making your own wall collage!

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